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Thanks for visiting our Joe Tea Online Store!

This is the place to come to buy every flavor that we produce.  Joe Tea has always been a contemporary brand with a retro feel to it.  Our 20 oz. glass bottle perfectly captures that feel and is now available, for the first time, for online consumers.

If you have moved from an area where we have distribution…

If you know someone who would enjoy getting a Joe Tea gift pack…

If it is easier for you to get your Joe Tea shipped than buying multiple bottles at the store…

This is the place for you!

Each case includes any 6 flavors that you would like.  Mix and match with different flavors or go all the way with your favorite one and buy a full case of that flavor.

We offer a broad cross section to appeal to a variety of preferences.  We have teas, lemonades and half & half’s ranging from no sugar, low sugar, fully sweetened and diet (the zero’s).

Shipping is generally within a day or two of the placement of your order.  If we are out of stock of a flavor that you have selected, we will contact you via email and you can instruct us to replace it with another flavor or hold until we are restocked.

We know that many who buy from our online store are our most loyal customers and we really appreciate the support that you provide to our brand.

If you have any questions that need a personal response, either email us at ineedtea@joetea.com  or call 973-744-7502 between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM EST.

Thanks again and happy guzzling!!




The Gang at Joe tea